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Readers of this blog know that I’ve blogged previously on the twisted subject of Robert Kosilek, and his multi-year legal battles with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, more specifically with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. Kosilek, of course, is the (now famous, due to his legal battles) psychotic murderer, who killed his wife in 1990, then […]

It is with considerable disappointment, disbelief and even anger that I write of what I will here today. 23 years ago, a piece of human filth by the name of Robert Kosilek murdered his wife, Cheryl, in act of savage brutality. When he was done slashing her to death, he dumped her body in a […]

Finally, Massachusetts officials have seen the light – at least on one subject. They are about to appeal a federal judge’s decision to grant convicted murderer murderer Robert –or should I say Michelle — Kosilek’s request for sex reassignment surgery. In other words, he wants to be a she. And yes, a federal judge in […]

Today, Massachusetts U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf delivered a ruling that strains legal credulity, and serves as yet another sign of liberal judicial activism run amok. It’s a case that almost no reasonable person would even believe would even be heard in court, yet it has, and with a stunningly offensive legal outcome. A […]

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