Boston Assault And Battery Arrest At Bachelor Party

Aren’t weddings fun?

There’s always love, romance, and best wishes for the happy couple.

But what typically goes hand-in-hand at many weddings, and wedding functions such as bachelor parties, is criminal behavior. It’s almost always because alcohol is involved, which lowers people’s inhibitions, and also tends to make them violent. This is the “dirty little secret” that few bridal magazines will tell you about.

This past week, a man named Robert Hernandez was attending a bachelor party at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. According to reports, Mr. Hernandez allegedly grabbed a bottle, and struck one of his friends with it, after the man pushed him to the ground. This is what the injured man, as yet unnamed, told police officers at the scene. Of course, the facts have yet to be determined in a court of law, which in this case will be Boston Municipal Court.

Mr. Hernandez was charged with Boston assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

As a Boston/Dedham assault and battery attorney, I can safely say: Massachusetts assault and battery with a dangerous weapon is a very serious charge. It is absolutely not the type of Massachusetts criminal charge that you can resolve on your own without tremendous legal risks. People charged with this crime face an enormous risk of doing serious time in a state prison facility.

As a Norfolk County defense lawyer with over 20 years of experience defending clients accused of a wide variety of Massachusetts crimes, I never cease to be amazed at how quickly people can let a sudden emotion almost ruin their (and others’) lives. I have seen more than once case where an “ordinary fight” turned deadly. My professional advice (no, it never changes on this point): Unless you are attacked first and feel thjat you must physically defend yourself to remain safe from injury, do not “get physical” with anyone else first. It is likely to escalate, and tragedy can follow.

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