Boston Assault and Battery With A Dangerous Weapon Occurs At Celtics Game

Hey, sportsfans. File this under “Now You’ve Really Gone Too Far.”

If you thought you heard it all when the Red Sox won the World Series, and fans went berserk in the streets, you actually haven’t. It was reported that this past Thursday night a Boston Celtics fan was attacked with a kitchen knife by a fan from the opposing Miami Heat. The victim, 22 years old, is a local college student who does not want to be identified.

The victim reportedly walked out after the game when the Miami Heat beat the Celtics. A group of fans wearing Miami Heat T-shirts allegedly started yelling at him. When he yelled back, he told police that a Miami Heat fan rushed into him, and stabbed him in the thigh, requiring 10 stitches at a local Boston hospital. The assailant has not been found or identified. He is said to be short and Hispanic. Police are asking the public’s help for information. If he is found, he will likely be charged with Boston Assault and Battery With A Dangerous Weapon.

What happened to the days when you could go to a sporting event – and not fear for your life? As a Boston criminal defense attorney who has practically seen and heard it all, I’m totally disgusted with the way that sports fans conduct themselves nowadays. And we can only look forward to perhaps more of the same when the Olympics unfold in the next few weeks. It will be time to get out the riot gear.

And my final question is this – how many people walk around with a kitchen knife in their pocket?

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