Boston Drug Arrests Include Alleged Intent To Distribute

As a Norfolk County drug crimes attorney, I know and understand how serious the law is when it comes to Massachusetts drug crimes. Drug offenses, after Massachusetts DUI offenses, are some of the most common criminal charges prosecuted in our state. Judges and prosecutors do not take these cases lightly – in fact it’s just the opposite – these crimes are very aggressively prosecuted, and the penalties are very severe.

And it doesn’t take much to get yourself arrested for a Massachusetts drug crime. For example, if you are stopped by police for any reason and they find prescription drugs on your person — but you do not have the prescription bottle with you at that moment — you could actually be held by police and charged with illegal drug possession.

So it’s not surprising that there was a major Boston drug sweep this past week. Fifteen people in South Boston were arrested on various Massachusetts drug charges including alleged drug possession, alleged distribution of Class A, B, and C substances and alleged intent to distribute drugs. Boston Police said that its officers will continue in this crackdown, which they refer to as Operation Three Ring.

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