Convicted Massachusetts Sex Murderer Seeks Name Change

Recently, an especially loathsome event occurred, all under the color of law, which should upset decent people everywhere.

A backstory is needed here, so let’s get into it. I’ll be as matter-of-fact as I can, though the details will terrify and sicken the hardest of people reading this. Fifteen years ago, a young boy by the name of Jeffrey Curley – ten years old – was lured into a car by two men, who promised the boy money and a new bicycle if he got into the car with them. Just a second – a correction: I termed the two people who did this “men,” and that was a big mistake. They were two large maggots posing as human beings. Their names: Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari. Once they got Jeffrey Curley into the car, they tried to sexually molest him. When he resisted, these two maggots stuffed a gasoline-soaked rag down the boy’s throat, suffocating him. Think about what it would be like to die like that. You would not only suffocate, your throat and lungs would be seared by gasoline fumes in the process.

If you thought that the difficult part of this story is over, you’d be wrong. I would advise the squeamish and the sensitive to stop reading at this point. Click to another post, to another subject.

Once this innocent young boy was dead, these two maggots raped his dead body. No, there are no typos here. When they were done, Jaynes and Sicari went into a Home Depot – alongside everyday customers like you and me – and bought a sack of concrete. They drove to Maine, where they stuffed Jeffrey Curley’s body into a barrel, mixed in the cement, sealed the top, and dumped the barrel containing the abducted, molested, and murdered young boy’s body into a ravine. In separate trials, Jaynes and Sicari blamed each other for Curley’s murder. Jaynes was convicted of second-degree murder and kidnapping. Sicari, of Cambridge, was convicted of first-degree murder. There was absolutely no doubt whatsoever that both of them committed these literally unspeakable crimes. However, because Jaynes was not convicted of First Degree murder, but of Second Degree Murder, he is eligible for parole one day.

This past June, Jaynes had the unmitigated gall to actually tell the Plymouth Probate Court that he has “converted to the Wiccan religion,” and wants the Massachusetts court system to allow him to legally change his name to – sit down – “Manasseh-Invictus Auric Thutmose V.” FoxTV-25 Boston covered this story earlier this week, and Fox’s coverage was picked up by The Huffington Post. As always, the news team at Fox did a great here.

Why this request? Because beyond being the maggot he is, this monster is betting that one day – however long from now that may be – he’s going to be paroled from prison. And when and if he is ever paroled, he wants to be able to assume a new identity – legally.

I’m a Norfolk County Massachusetts sex offense attorney. As such, I believe that each and every defendant accused of these or any other crimes deserves a full and competent defense. Many, many charges involving sex offenses can be very confusing and nuanced. Very often, there are two sides to the story. That’s what can make defending them so interesting. But not in this case. I’ve seen some pretty revolting cases, but few if any like this. This maggot had his day in court. He had the benefit of a full, competent, and aggressive defense. And he was convicted beyond any reasonable doubt.

That Jaynes should be allowed to even submit this application to the Probate Court is an affront and insult to not only Robert Curley, Jeffrey Curley’s father, and all of his family, but to each and every Massachusetts taxpayer. This application should be rejected on its face, but unfortunately, it won’t be, because under the Massachusetts laws, each resident has the right to petition a Probate Court to change his or her name. The law does provide, thankfully, a mechanism for interested parties to object to the court allowing the petition. Jeffrey Curley’s father Robert has indicated he will do just that, and I sincerely hope he does.

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