DEA Pressuring Massachusetts Doctors to Disown Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Shameful and Pathetic

I’ve written in this blog repeatedly in the past about how pathetic, foolish, and downright sad the federal government has been in its approach not only to drugs and drug policy in general, but marijuana in particular. Credible study after credible study has demonstrated that marijuana use is not only “not more harmful” than alcohol, these same studies have proven it is even less harmful than alcohol, and not chemically addictive. In contrast, everyone who is either awake or alive knows that alcohol is massively addictive, for many people. If you care to know just how addictive it is, look around you: Chances are, at least 2-3 out of the ten people you know, has some kind of a problem with alcohol. Need further evidence? Try checking out a local meeting of AA. I think you’ll be surprised.

It was more than 60 years ago that the federal government first wasted our tax money, and embarrassed itself enormously, with its financing and production of the long-since parodied film, “Reefer Madness.” For the past seven decades – over 70 years – this wildly laughable film has been the butt of more comedy shows, than most people could count. In the past one decade alone, 22 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws either decriminalizing or outright legalizing recreational use of pot. Has the world ended in those states? Have the streets of those states been filled alternately with doped-out zombies and crime-ravaged “drug lords”? Has civilized society “gone to pot,” filled with stoned losers and Cheech & Chong clones?

Laughably and clearly, the answer is a loud “No.” Yet here in Massachusetts, where voters four years ago decriminalized personal possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, and two years ago overwhelmingly voted to allow a system of legal medical marijuana dispensaries, the federal government is now working to derail the twice-enacted will of the public. How?

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has sent agents to at least seven Massachusetts physicians, who are either on the boards of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts, or who have advised those firms in some medical capacity, and threatened them with the loss of their DEA licenses to write many prescriptions, unless they resign from or otherwise separate themselves from those marijuana dispensaries. These doctors have been strong-armed and literally blackmailed by the DEA – for doing nothing but what is perfectly legal under Massachusetts law: Associating with and assisting licensed companies who plan to legally dispense medical marijuana to ill patients who have received a legitimate prescription for medical marijuana from a Massachusetts physician. That’s it.

According to separate stories published yesterday and today in The Boston Globe, one doctor who was visited by DEA agents was told, “You either give up your [DEA] license or give up your position on the board (of the medical marijuana dispensary that the doctor serves on) . . . or you challenge it in court.”

And what is the legal rationale for this outrageous action by the DEA? “These doctors are assisting companies to dispense a substance that is illegal under federal law.” That’s a formal statement issued by these idiots at DEA. I choose the word “idiots,” because that’s what it would take to do what they’re doing: Heartless idiocy. So why are they doing it? Well, while DEA will give you “official”, answers, the real reason is to justify their government jobs by taking actions that clearly aren’t justified or needed. That, and because they can do it. It’s really that simple. They seek to justify the “need” for their jobs. Because, after all, if they didn’t do this, the world as we know it would end, wouldn’t it? This action is all the more shocking because the U.S. House of Representatives has voted to de-fund drug enforcement agencies from conducting raids on state medical marijuana programs. The Senate is expected to take up the measure soon. Yet that fact – and the fact that Massachusetts voters passed the medical marijuana law and want it, hasn’t stopped the DEA from engaging in this pathetic harassment campaign.

As a Boston drug charges attorney, I’ve seen some needless, wasteful government and police action when it comes to ‘drug enforcement policy’, but this really takes the cake. If these idiots want to do something really constructive with their time, they should visit the website for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – a respected organization of present and former police and law enforcement professionals who know the real truth about this country’s failed drug policy, and who know that actions like this are a massive waste of time, money and energy.

But these people at DEA would never acknowledge LEAP’s sensible arguments. Because to do that would expose the fact that their jobs at agencies like DEA really aren’t needed, and that the taxpayer money we spend to pay their salaries and fund their agency, is a waste of money. My message to these blind and arrogant fools: Find a conscience. Then get a life.

Oh, and by the way – a message to all liberals who voted for your darling of change, Barack Obama: This action by the DEA is taking place under Barack Obama’s knowledge; under Barack Obama’s direction, and under Barack Obama’s presidency.

How’s that for “Change We Can Believe In,” to quote his campaign slogan?

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