Welcome Back and In With The New!

First, let me say that there hasn’t been a post here in a while, and I’m sorry about that. December saw me distracted with an extremely busy combination of court appearances, trials, and a vacation beginning December 20 – all of which caused me to be extremely busy. However, there was an additional matter requiring my time and attention, that I’d like to let my clients and readers know about, now that that work is almost completed.

That additional matter is the redesign and reorganization of my present one website (click on the “Website” tab above if you haven’t visited there yet,) into a stand-alone website dedicated entirely to Massachusetts criminal law (presently, the site includes both criminal law and personal injury.) The new website will have all the same valuable information as the present one, with added features and a lot more valuable content that can assist you with a wide variety of questions about Massachusetts criminal law.

The new web site should be up and live on the internet by Wednesday, January 18 at the latest, so please, check it out and call me if my firm can be of help to you!

Thank you again to all my loyal readers of this blog, and to all my valued clients!

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