First-Ever Texting-While-Driving Trial Begins in Massachusetts

It’s a sign of the times. It used to be that the worst thing you could do when driving was to pick up and answer your cell phone, get distracted, and cause an accident, or worse, a Massachusetts motor vehicle homicide.

Nowadays, it’s texting while driving that we all have to be even more careful of. Since more and more people are texting on their mobile phones, and doing it more than ever before, it makes texting while driving all the more scary, dangerous and insidious.That’s why it’s against the law to text and drive at the same time.

Nothing makes this point more clear that the first-ever trial of its kind that began in Massachusetts the week of May 30, 2012, in Haverhill District Court. Allegedly, 17-year-old Aaron Deveau was texting on his mobile device back in 2011, while he was driving on a Haverhill street. While reportedly texting and not paying attention, Mr. Deveau’s car crossed the center line of the roadway. In doing so, his car crashed head-on with a vehicle that was being driven by a 55-year-old man, Donald Bowley. Eighteen days later, Mr. Bowley died, allegedly due to injuries he suffered in the Haverhill car crash.

Mr. Deveau was charged with Massachusetts motor vehicle homicide while texting.

Mr. Deveau, who has pleaded not guilty, told the police that he swerved and crossed the line to avoid crashing into a vehicle ahead of him that had slowed down.

Everyone reading this blog post, who has a cell phone of any kind, smart phone or otherwise, should be aware: this criminal charge of Haverhill motor vehicle homicide while texting carries with it strict penalties, legal ramifications and financial consequences, and requires the counsel of an experienced Massachusetts motor vehicle offenses attorney. The last thing you want to happen is to be charged and convicted with this crime, and subsequently left with a criminal record that will follow you for years to come, impacting your entire life, including your relationships, your jobs, and your finances.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a criminal motor vehicle offense in Massachusetts such as Boston-Dedham motor vehicle homicide while texting, an experienced Boston-Dedham motor vehicle offenses lawyer can minimize or eliminate the legal charges and resulting legal and financial consequences you face.

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