Foxborough, Massachusetts Arrest On Charges Of Threatening To Commit A Crime

Today’s lesson: You can be arrested by merely threatening to commit a crime.

Most people don’t know this fact. But as a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney,I can tell you that it is quite true, and certainly bears paying attention to.

Case in point: a Foxborough, Massachusetts man named Michael Viscardi was arrested this past week, on a charge of threatening to commit a crime against Town Selectman Mark Sullivan. Apparently, Mr. Visconti told Mr. Sullivan that he would be a “dead man” if he did not support the proposed casino that Las Vegas developer Steve Wynn is planning to build in Foxborough. There was another alleged incident, as well. The verbal attacks escalated to Mr. Viscardi “staring down” Mr. Sullivan — who lives on the same street — while wielding an axe and tossing it hand to hand.

In response, this past Tuesday Mr. Sullivan took out a Massachusetts Harassment Prevention Order against Mr. Viscardi. He claims that he and Mr. Viscardi have had more than a few confrontations in recent months, and that at some point he had to “draw a line in the sand.” Still, Mr. Sullivan says he refuses to change his opposition to the casino. He has since sent his family away to a safer place. Fueling this situation, police were apparently familiar with Mr. Viscardi, and had responded previously to his home concerning other alleged incidents. Concerning this immediate incident, Mr. Viscardi pleaded not guilty.

So, take a lesson from this. Be careful in what you say, because you too can be arrested for threatening to commit Massachusetts assault and battery, Massachusetts sexual assault and rape, Massachusetts domestic violence, you name it.

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