BU Fraternity Students Victims of Assault and Battery?

Despite strong and clear university policies against hazing, 14 Boston University students are now suspected and most likely, are going to be charged with Boston assault and battery, Boston hazing, and failure to report hazing.

This past Monday morning, police were summoned to a house in Allston, in what would have been just another all-night house party, in an area of town that is famous for them. They were investigating what they thought was late-night party noise. But instead of finding a party, the police discovered five shivering BU students in the basement. They had been beaten, bound, and then covered with hot sauce, coffee grounds and honey – as part of a fraternity hazing practice. The five students were shivering and wearing only their underwear.

The students who live at the Allston house, on Ashford Street, are members of a Jewish fraternity called Alpha Epsilon Pi. This fraternity is not affiliated with BU. In response to this incident, the national chapter of the fraternity suspended the entire BU chapter, which included 30 members.

The suspects are not being named publicly until the clerk magistrate issues a complaint. They are due in Boston court on May 7th. At that time, the clerk magistrate will determine if there is probable cause to issue specific charges that are sought, some of which may well include assault and battery. Based on media reports that I have reviewed regarding what was done to these students, it is conceivable that Massachusetts sexual assault charges might also be brought.

As a Boston assault and battery lawyer, I can say that this is a tough case. If assault and battery charges are in fact issued, a great deal of the prosecution’s case will be to prove that these students did nto consent to the type of contact and injuries that resulted here. If you think you are going to be charged with Boston assault and battery, do not take chances. You need to know all your legal options. Whatever the circumstances, we assure that all of our clients have their rights fiercely defended to the full extent of the law.

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