Massachusetts OUI Collisions With Police: Increasing?

It’s ironic that a considerable number of drivers charged with Massachusetts DWI/OUI/Drunk Driving offenses so far this year, have hit city or state police cruisers. Just this past Monday, the commander of the Massachusetts State Police, Colonel Marian J. McGovern, was struck by an alleged drunk driver while driving her cruiser in Shrewsbury. Tragically, on June 18 of this year, State Police Sergeant Douglas Weddleton, of Brockton was struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver. The veteran state trooper, 52 years old, was struck when he was working a construction detail in Attleboro. Cases like this are awful.

Just two days ago, another such incident with a state trooper and an alleged drunk driver played out, closer to my town of Westwood. State trooper Jonathan Nickles suffered minor injuries Thursday night when an alleged drunk driver smashed into his cruiser while fleeing from Milford Massachusetts police, according to state police authorities. This was the seventh time this year that an on-duty state trooper has been struck by an alleged drunk driver. Trooper Nickles was driving to work in his marked cruiser when he noticed local police cruisers with their emergency lights on, heading in his direction. Trying to assist, he turned on his own emergency lights and positioned his cruiser on Route 109 in Medway, directly in the path of a pickup truck that was fleeing from Milford police. The driver of the truck smashed into one car, then hit Nickles’s cruiser before coming to a stop the parking lot of an adjacent bar.

Milford police immediately took the driver, Dana J. Scovil, 36, of Webster, into custody. According to a Milford Police Department report, Scovil was charged with operating under the influence (second offense), reckless operation of a motor vehicle, marked lanes violation, possession of alcohol in a car, and failure to stop. Scovil reportedly refused to take a chemical breath test and he was charged with drunken driving based on a strong odor of alcohol, and because he was unsteady on his feet and had glassy eyes – all of which would be standard operating practice for police making an arrest for OUI/DWI. Scovil also allegedly tossed a half-full can of beer out of the truck during the pursuit, according to police. Scovil pleaded not guilty in Milford District Court, where District Court Judge Robert B. Calagione set his bail at $10,000 cash for the new charges and revoked bail in an open case in Dudley District Court. Scovil’s attorney can expect that of these violations are going to be prosecuted very aggressively.

As I’ve said before to my readers and all those who I speak to on this subject: Drunk driving is an extremely serious crime. While as a Norfolk County Massachusetts DWI/OUI/Drunk Driving lawyer, I believe that every person accused of drunk driving has the right to the best defense possible, I’ll say again in the same breath: Drunk driving is an extremely serious offense, and no one should ever drive after drinking. Period.

If, notwithstanding this repeated advice, you find yourself arrested or accused of OUI/DWI in Massachusetts, contact our office. We know how to effectively represent your legal interests. And trust me, if you’re arrested on a Massachusetts OUI/DWI/drunk driving charge, you’re going to need the best legal talent you can find. Contact us: We know how to safeguard your legal rights in a tough situation, and we respond rapidly, 24/7.

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