Massachusetts Rape is Subject of BU April’s Fool Editorial

Call this one the April Fool’s Joke that no one thought funny.

It was all about Massachusetts rape, Massachusetts prostitution, and Massachusetts date rape, involving fairytale characters.

It seems that the editor of the Boston University Daily Free Press newspaper – who interestingly enough, is a woman – thought it would be hilarious to feature a special April Fool’s edition that made light of Massachusetts rape on campus. The editor, one Chelsea Diana, had a top story about seven dwarves who sexually assaulted a student, and included a picture of Snow White drinking a cocktail spiked with a Massachusetts date-rape drug.

Another story implicated Cinderella in a Massachusetts prostitution ring.

Students found these jokes anything but funny – especially in light of the fact that the BU campus has been upset over the past few months, due to Massachusetts sexual assault on campus. Two BU ice hockey students were arrested for a Massachusetts sexual assault on campus. In one episode, for example, Max Nicastro, a defenseman on the BU men’s hockey team, was arrested on the Charles River Campus by the BU Police and charged with sexual assault by a female student. He was held on $25,000 cash bail, and was arraigned in Brighton District Court on Tuesday, February 21.

In addition, there were three Massachusetts Peeping Tom incidents in the BU dorms over the past few months.

The “humorous” stories in the Daily Free Press sparked a furor on campus in which students expressed their outrage on Twitter and Facebook.

As a Massachusetts sex crimes attorney – let me tell you the honest, plain, unfunny truth. A Massachusetts sex crime is one of the worst crimes anyone can be charged with. Due to this, District Attorneys’ offices in Massachusetts prosecute these cases very aggressively. If you are charged with a Massachusetts sex offense, you are at huge risk of having your life ruined if you are convicted of such a crime. The punishments for Massachusetts sex crimes are severe. Convictions carry up to 20 years in state prison, plus lengthy probation sentences, electronic GPS monitoring and registration for life as a Massachusetts sex offender.

With good reason, the public does not view this subject humorously. It seems Ms. Diana should have thought twice about her attempts to be Jay Leno.

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