Massachusetts Sex Offense Arrests Made In Needham

It’s the world’s oldest profession – prostitution – but it still seemed a surprise to some that it was allegedly occurring as part of a regular operation in bucolic Needham, Massachusetts. Needham, as most people around here know, is a wealthy town with a highly rated school system; it is home to affluent individuals and even its own quaint version of Main Street USA. But some said that prostitution came a little too close to home last week. A Needham police officer, and a member of the Norfolk County Police Anti-Crime Task Force, also known as NORPAC, couldn’t comment but did admit that the arrests were the result of a prostitution sting in this town.

Last week the Norfolk County Police Anti-Crime Task Force, following complaints, arrested two women for alleged prostitution, charging them with “alleged sexual conduct for a fee.” This is a violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 272 Section 53A. Apparently the arrests were made as the result of an investigation that occurred over several months. That investigation is still ongoing. The two businesses where the arrests were made were the Needham Oriental Spa, and Best Body Work. Needham Oriental Spa also apparently is listed on a website called, and it says that it offers patrons a “happy ending.” Previous to this, the last arrest for prostitution in Needham occurred in 2008.

Massachusetts sex offense charges can expose a defendant to serious, lifelong legal (and social) consequences. As a Westwood, Massachusetts sex crimes defense lawyer, I can assure you that cases like these often prove the adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” in that there is, as I like to say, always a story behind the story. If you have been arrested for prostitution, a Massachusetts sex offense or a Massachusetts sex crime, you may need a Norfolk County Criminal Defense Lawyer. Our offices are located in nearby Westwood, Massachusetts, and we have the legal expertise and experience to assist you.

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