Massachusetts Sex Offenses: Not Limited to Who & What You Might Think Of

I usually write about Massachusetts legal decisions & issues in this blog, but here’s an interesting subject that applies no matter the state:

When people think of the terms “sex offense,” “sex crime,” or “sex offender,” most people think of the classic pervert wearing a raincoat and nothing else, flashing himself (or herself) to unsuspecting victims. Or they think of rapists; or child molesters. And when people think of these types of images, they usually conjure up an image of a sleazy, dirty, street-level, alley-occupying degenerate, hiding behind some bushes waiting to pounce, fangs and all.

While, very unfortunately, some people like these do exist, as a Boston sex charges lawyer, I can assure you, that these stereotypes are not true. I’ve represented many a person charged with a Massachusetts sex crime, who was both not guilty of the crime, AND who was an upstanding member of his/her community, and a very successful person. Sex crime allegations are especially dangerous: The mere accusation can ruin a person’s livelihood and life – even if the person is found not guilty, he or she will always be known as “the one was accused of (rape/indecent assault and battery/prostitution, etc.).”
And even when people do commit a Massachusetts sex offense, they are not at all always the “underbelly of society.” Many are very successful and decent people, who just made a bad decision.

Case in point: The death of a multi-millionaire Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes, who hired a call girl to come to his 50-foot yacht in Santa Cruz, California. Here was a multi-millionaire, and reportedly a good person, who wanted sex with a prostitute who had a certain “look.” Unfortunately for Mr. Hayes, he was later found dead on his 50-foot yacht, moored in the Santa Cruz, Calif. Harbor. The call girl who showed up, brought drugs with her, and allegedly injected Mr. Hayes with heroin, reportedly causing his death. The prostitute, Alix Tichelman, was arrested pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, administering drugs, drug possession, destroying or concealing evidence, and agreeing to and engaging in prostitution, according to media reports. She had originally pleaded not guilty to the charges in 2014. Mr. Hayes was 51 years-old and the father of five.

Almost any decent, otherwise law-abiding person can become charged with a Massachusetts sex offense. It’s always important to remember this, and that before the eyes of the law, a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

We should all remember that.

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