Norwood Drug Arrest Near School

If you think it’s bad enough to be arrested on one charge – imagine what it’s like to be arrested on six charges.

That’s exactly what happened to one Cesar Ortiz, of Waltham, the other night. He was in his car in Norwood, at the Rama Plaza on Washington Street, when officers suspected Ortiz’s vehicle to be suspicious. Not only did they reportedly discover that Mr. Ortiz had two outstanding warrants out for his arrest, but K-9 unit allegedly retrieved drugs from a compartment in Mr. Ortiz’s car. He was charged with:

• Possession with intent to distribute a Class A substance (heroin)
• Possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance (cocaine)
• Possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance (crack)
• 3 counts of Norwood school zone drug violations
• Furnishing a false name • And possession of a false registry document.

The Massachusetts School Zone Drug violation above is one of the most severe drug charges that a person in this state can face. A conviction brings mandatory jail and prison sentences — that means a judge has NO CHOICE but to sentence the defendant to a mandatory minimum period of imprisonment. Perhaps this individual is guilty of some or all of these charges; perhaps he isn’t. But one thing that is true, is that he is entitled to a full legal defense in court. Norfolk County drug charges and Boston drug crimes are some of the most common criminal charges that are prosecuted in Massachusetts. Massachusetts prosecutors and judges do not take these cases lightly – in fact, they aggressively prosecute them, and the penalties are severe. Most people simply do not realize just how serious the drug laws are in Massachusetts. You would be quite surprised at just how easily someone can be charged with a Massachusetts drug crime, and how serious the penalties are.

Should you find yourself facing Boston-Dedham drug possession charges, possession with intent to distribute, Norfolk County drug trafficking, or charged with a school zone drug violation, contact a Norfolk County drug defense attorney.

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