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In my previous post on this subject, I wrote of how politicians everywhere from the White House on down will now react to this latest shooting tragedy with a predictable, unanimous response: More debate on gun control, with the equally ever-predictable partisan response: Democrats calling for more strict gun control; Republicans opposing. On and on […]

People everywhere are shocked at the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting massacre that took place yesterday. 21 people killed 59 wounded. On a pedestrian level, that’s obviously very understandable. It frightens one to the core. Yet, should we really be so surprised that this type of violence has again streaked the face of this country? I […]

Last week, a video was circulated on YouTube, showing two teenage girls in a fist fight with each other. The video, which lasted almost nine minutes, depicted an ugly, violent fight between the two students at Lynn English High School in Lynn, Massachusetts. Blood is drawn as punch after punch is landed between the two […]

I’ve dedicated several posts to this subject, because the problem of school bullying and student violence has become so pervasive. It is a reflection of the violence and vulgarity that pervades our society, in everything from video games such as “Grand Theft Auto,” which is filled with sickening and gratuitous violence, to television and movies, […]

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