Salem Car-Truck Accident Has Fatality

As a Norfolk County drunk driving attorney, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s really quite simple. Do not drink and drive. The laws regarding Massachusetts drunk driving are harsh and severe, and you should think twice before you ever get behind the wheel, if you have consumed even the slightest amount of alcohol.

Too many people drive after consuming alcohol, and this past weekend, there was a Salem fatal car crash in which the driver was alleged to have been operating under the influence of alcohol, commonly called OUI.

According to police reports, Angelique Griffin, 25, had allegedly been drinking before her car hit a parked tow truck early Saturday morning around 3:40 AM, on Boston Street in Salem. Police said that the man sitting in her passenger seat was killed instantly. Ms. Griffin was treated for bruises at a nearby hospital, and she was arrested afterward. The charges she is facing are Salem motor vehicle homicide, Salem negligent operation, and Salem operating under the influence. She is being held on $50,000 cash bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in Salem District Court this coming week.

As a Boston drunk driving lawyer, I want to say again as I have before, that under Massachusetts law, all arrested persons are innocent until proven guilty, of Massachusetts driving under the influence DUI or any other crimes such as assault and battery or shoplifting.

However, pertaining to drunk driving, through the District Attorney, the Commonwealth, to win its case, must prove beyond a reasonable doubt three distinct elements of an Essex County DUI offense. These three factors consist of operation of the motor vehicle, on a public way, while under the influence of liquor or with a .08 percent or greater blood alcohol level.

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