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Continuing my discussion of Elliot Weinstein and Stephanie Page’s complaints of legal media analysts’ commentaries of the Entwistle trial, from my previous post: Fact: On the day the verdict was delivered, talk radio was abuzz with news of the verdict, especially WRKO-680AM/Boston. Almost all callers to the Howie Carr Show (the flagship program on that […]

In my previous post, I discussed how Neil Entwistle’s attorneys, Elliot Weinstein and Stephanie Page, had conducted an extensive sit-down post-trial interview with Massachusetts Lawyers’ Weekly, which appeared in the July 14 2008 edition of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. Weinstein and Page said several things in that interview, and I’d like to respond here with a […]

Will the detritus from the Entwistle case never cease? An interesting thing happened on the way to summer last month. I haven’t yet talked about it here, but for some time I’ve wanted to. Here’s the background: The July 14 2008 edition of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, the paper of record for the legal profession in […]

And now it is over. The jury has spoken, and Neil Entwistle will spend the rest of his life behind bars in a Massachusetts state prison. In just over 11 hours of deliberations, the jury returned guilty verdicts on all four counts- most notably the two counts of murder in the first degree, one each […]

I wanted to post some final comments on this trial. I’ve been hearing a lot of talk in the past few days, about the “winners” and the “losers” in this case. I think that’s highly misplaced language, and mis-prioritized thinking. Yes, it can be said, in a colloquial sense, that the prosecution “won” their case; […]

And now we wait. The defense finally showed their cards on Monday, with Elliot Weinstein closing the defense’s case with a not-surprising defense theory that “Rachel Did It”: That a depressed woman killed her baby, then herself. While advancing this defense at the last minute, in their closing arguments before the jury, was technically objectionable […]

In my previous post I discussed how I expect that when the defense opens its case this week, it will offer as one (or more) of its chief witnesses, an expert in the field of depression and suicide in women. I wrote that I expect such a witness(es) will testify that it is “possible” that […]

For a time yesterday (Friday June 20 2008) it appeared the prosecution may have finished with its last witness, State Police Sgt. Robert Manning, but a technical difficulty preventing the jury from adequately hearing the recording. Because of this, Judge Diane Kottmeyer decided to end testimony for the day. Sgt. Manning was the state police […]

Today’s testimony from Medical Examiner William Zane was graphic and disturbing. His testimony laid out in pathological, medical detail how both Rachel Entwistle and her baby, Lillian, died. What made the testimony difficult to absorb, apart from the fact that two innocent lives were stolen, was how calculated the murders were, and how physically close […]

As I expected, Friday the 13th didn’t hold any pleasant surprises for Neil Entwistle. Before going into Friday’s developments, I want to comment on the style of the prosecutor in this case, Michael Fabbri. It’s obvious he is not a grandiose person, given to theatrics. Instead, he is taking a great deal of time to […]

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