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My apologies for not posting an entry last night, as promised in my last post. I appeared on Court TV (now called TruTV) on Wednesday, providing live commentary and analysis of the trial, and my time during the balance of the afternoon and evening became very limited. Well, in keeping with the pace of developments […]

Elliot Weinstein has his work cut out for him. So far, judge Dianne Kottmeyer has denied the attorney for Neil Entwistle’s motions for both a change of venue and dismissal of charges based on excessive pre-trial publicity. No reasonable legal observers expected the judge to grant either motion, especially the motion to move the venue […]

In my previous post on this subject, I discussed how circumstantial evidence obtained by police can still be used to charge a suspect with murder, even though there are no direct eyewitnesses to the killing. But why is the charge “murder” here, and not something lesser? Technically, Markoff is being charged with a violation of […]

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