Attempted Kidnapping Takes Place At Lynn High School

This blog isn’t entirely about criminal defendants’ legal rights. It’s about promoting awareness of safety in an unsafe world.

This became all too clear just a couple of days ago, when a 14 year-old girl in Lynn was almost the victim of a Massachusetts kidnapping, after an attempted abduction by a stranger in Lynn. Just a few steps away from Lynn Classical High School, the girl was by an assailant described as a teenage black male with a Haitian accent. Thankfully, the girl was able to break free from the abductor, who escaped. The girl told police that the suspect has yellow dots in his eyes, and a scar on his nose. She said he tried to drag her into a bright red , 4-dorr car with a rear seat that had yellow dots on it.

The mere thought of this happening to a young child is frightening and disturbing. And even though the principal of Lynn Classical High School told police that this is the first time in his 30 years being principal that an attempted abduction of a student had taken place, this incident should remind parents and students everywhere that safety and self-awareness should always be priorities whenever walking alone. Had this suspect been able to abduct this youth, the crime of kidnapping would be charged. If he is apprehended, he will be charged with, among other crimes, attempted kidnapping. As a Boston Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer, I can assure readers that safety should always be priority one.

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