Boston Drug Busts Yield 106 Pounds of Cocaine

A California trucking company, Inland Empire, hired two men to drive a tractor-trailer to Boston, a trip that driver Miguel Aguilar made at least 10 times in the past year. Last week Aguilar made the trip with novice driver Jose Cubias.

State police, working on a Massachusetts drug crimes investigation, pulled over the purple Volvo 18-wheeler with California plates. According to prosecutors, police asked the men a few questions. The suspects replied that they were California residents who were employed in that state, and they consented to a search of the vehicle. That’s when police found 66 pounds of cocaine and $570,000 in cash inside the vehicle.

Aguilar and Cubias were charged in Chelsea District Court on charges of Massachusetts drug trafficking and conspiracy to violate Massachusetts state drug laws. They were each held on $950,000 cash bail, and both men pleaded not guilty.

Aguilar’s lawyer said that her client had no idea what was in the truck.

As a Boston/Norfolk County drug crimes defense attorney, I see cases like this all the time. Knowing only information contained in media reports at this time, in my opinion, these men may be wrongly accused, as they were merely driving the truck and had no idea of its contents.

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In another case, this past week Boston police pulled over a Providence, Rhode Island resident named Santo Gonzalez, in a routine traffic stop. They discovered that he had neglected to return his car to the rental company he had obtained the car from. While preparing the vehicle to be towed, police found 40 pounds of cocaine and 20 pounds of heroin in the car – having a street value of millions of dollars. Gonzalez pleaded not guilty and was held on $500,000 cash bail.

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