Everett Motorcycle Crash Injures State Trooper

As a Boston/Dedham motor vehicle violations lawyer, I caution my clients all the time about how important it is to practice driver safety. There is no more worse sound than that of steel and glass from one vehicle hitting another with powerful impact.

In Everett yesterday, the air was filled with not one but two car crashes. A Revere man is being charged with four different counts of Massachusetts driving violations. They are: Driving after license suspension in Massachusetts; Driving an unregistered vehicle in Massachusetts; Failing to stop for police in Massachusetts; and being a Habitual Traffic Offender in Massachusetts.

The man in question, Jorge Palma of Revere, is being charged with allegedly rear-ending a State Police cruiser in Revere, early this morning, Sunday, May 27th. Apparently Mr. Palma hit the cruiser, then attempted to flee the scene, only, moments later, to hit a second car. The incident in question occurred on Route One in Revere.

The general public usually doesn’t realize this, but Massachusetts speeding tickets and Massachusetts traffic violations can result in the suspension or loss of your driver’s license. You can just imagine the enormous legal, practical and financial problems losing your license will cause – with commuting to work usually at the top of the list. How in the world will you get to work and earn your living if you can’t drive there? Many people erroneously believe that if they get a fine and ticket for speeding, and they “just pay the fine,” that’s the end of the problem. But this is not true.

Massachusetts motor vehicle violations can either be termed as criminal or civil. Massachusetts criminal motor vehicle violations represent the more serious operating violations; civil violations fall under the less serious category. Believe it or not, there exist more than 90 — that’s right, 90 — reasons why the state of Massachusetts can suspend or revoke your driver’s license, from Failure To Pay Child Support, to driving with improperly tinted windows.

Each criminal Massachusetts motor vehicle offense also carries with it strict penalties and financial consequences, and requires the advice and expertise of a skilled Norfolk County motor vehicle violations attorney.

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