Larcenies In Lawrence Cemetery Yield No Arrests

Apparently someone has been stealing from people in one of the least likeliest (and most heartless) of places – a cemetery.

According to police in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in at least two instances last week, women had their purses stolen from their cars, while they visited St. Mary’s Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Lawrence. In one instance, two sisters locked their doors of their car and placed their purses in the trunk. The thief was able to somehow open the trunk by going through the window. The two women lost their credit cards, glasses, cell phones, and hundreds of dollars.

As a Boston-Dedham robbery attorney, I’ve represented more than my fair share of clients who have been arrested on robbery charges and larceny by stealing charges. Larceny in Massachusetts is legally defined as when someone takes possession of property that belongs to another person, without their consent. In addition, the value of the property stolen, and the circumstances under which the property was stolen, determines the specific crime that is charged. In general, stolen property that is valued at less than $250 is typically classified as petty larceny, which is a Massachusetts misdemeanor. If, on the other hand, the stolen property is valued at more than $250, the offense, by law, is classified as grand larceny, which is a Massachusetts felony. Grand larceny is punishable by a sentence of up to five years in state prison, a maximum $25,000 fine or a county jail sentence of up to 2 ½ years.

If you’ve been charged with Boston-Dedham larceny by stealing, you need an experienced Norfolk County larceny lawyer. Statistically, larceny is one of the most common Massachusetts theft crimes that is prosecuted in our state.

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