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According to press reports including The Enterprise of Brockton, Bridgewater State University police campus recently received allegations of two rapes on campus. University officials didn’t make the reports public and inform students. Sound like a foolish, ridiculous decision, no? Before the usual names in the feminist community start screaming how callous this is, and how […]

When people ask me how I can defend people accused of sex crimes, there’s often a look of disbelief on their faces. They’re conjuring images of a rape victim being dragged into an alley or car, to be later violently beaten and raped. That’s a horrible image, so I understand why some people can have […]

People everywhere are shocked at the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting massacre that took place yesterday. 21 people killed 59 wounded. On a pedestrian level, that’s obviously very understandable. It frightens one to the core. Yet, should we really be so surprised that this type of violence has again streaked the face of this country? I […]

Call this one the April Fool’s Joke that no one thought funny. It was all about Massachusetts rape, Massachusetts prostitution, and Massachusetts date rape, involving fairytale characters. It seems that the editor of the Boston University Daily Free Press newspaper – who interestingly enough, is a woman – thought it would be hilarious to feature […]

In the sad and messy wake of former Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi’s suicide death after his roommate Dharun Ravi, surreptitiously videotaped a sexual encounter between Clementi and another man, a more local twist on this type of case has cropped up in Boston. Thankfully, this case does not involve a suicide, or even any […]

Last week, a video was circulated on YouTube, showing two teenage girls in a fist fight with each other. The video, which lasted almost nine minutes, depicted an ugly, violent fight between the two students at Lynn English High School in Lynn, Massachusetts. Blood is drawn as punch after punch is landed between the two […]

Earlier this week, the fabled Boston University hockey team received a slap shot of its own, when one of its players was arrested on Massachusetts rape charges. A Boston University spokesperson confirmed that Max Nicastro, a defenseman on the hockey team, was arrested on Massachusetts sexual assault charges. BU police arrested Nicastro, age 21, Sunday, […]

Date Rape, also referred to as “Acquaintance Rape” can be a serious problem, and is real. Notwithstanding that the media have been reporting date rape as a new phenomenon, primarily due to the covert use of an anesthetic drug, the practical reality is that drugs (most frequently alcohol,) have been involved in social situations culminating […]

The twisted saga of the Amy Bishop case became (hopefully) a little clearer today, with the release of a press statement by Congressman William D. Delahunt, who was the Norfolk County District Attorney at the time of the May 1986 incidents surrounding the shooting death of Bishop’s brother, Seth Bishop. Much has been made in […]

Like seemingly everyone, I’ve watched this incident take over the media cycle for the past several days, and sweep across the globe (as in the world, not the Boston Globe,) who seem to be doing all they can to ring the racism bell, with frightening speed. I shook my head when I saw Al Sharpton […]

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